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Servicing all makes & models, Fisher Enterprises of Quakertown, PA is located near I-476 (the “Blue Route”) and Rt 309, providing convenient access to Lehigh Valley/Allentown as well as Philadelphia areas along I-76 Schuylkill Expressway and I-276, PA Turnpike.  Fisher Enterprise does preventive maintenance as well as emergency road service.  Schedule your commercial vehicle Pennsylvania State and Federal inspection & maintenance with us and meet the Dept of Transportation’s requirements with our service.


24/7 On-Site Road Service

With a name and reputation you can trust, Fisher Enterprises beats the competition with both convenient and fast service.  Weather your commercial vehicle needs towing, a jumpstart, tire change or other roadside assistance, give us a call and we will be on our way!


Truck Repair & Maintenance

With out certified mechanics and dedicated support staff, Fisher Enterprises is the best choice to call.  We are the leaders of truck repair and vehicle maintenance in the Lehigh Valley to greater Philadelphia areas.  Our service area covers a greater part of Southeastern PA.


PA State Inspection

Meeting local state vehicle inspection requirements is an essential part of your truck and commercial vehicle’s scheduled maintenance.  We make it easy by having ASE-certified, experienced staff on call to service your RV, truck, or commercial vehicle.  We will perform annual state and federal safety inspections, check all safety equipment, including the glass, horn, brakes, tire tread and exterior lights – keeping your machinery in tip-top shape, meeting the state legal requirements.


RV Repairs

When driving your family across the miles in your recreational vehicle, it’s all about safety.  RV repair and maintenance is essential to extend the life of your vehicle investment.  We do RV brake inspections, RV generator service, electrical, suspension, battery service, and a host of related services.  Keep your RV running smoothly with important repairs that need to be done.  Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to address all your recreational vehicle’s service needs.


Preventive Maintenance

Commercial motor vehicles need regular, routine maintenance.  Without recurring scheduled checks for safety, lubrication, and other key components (ie: tire tread/inflation, lights, brakes, fluids), your truck or commercial vehicle will be out of service for longer periods, with more costly damage and repairs.  Following the manufacturer’s service schedule is the best guide and a good practice.

Engine testing, system diagnostics, cleaning, lubrication, inspection, checking and adjustment of high-wear components, and worn parts replacement prevents violations, accidents, and keeps your vehicle rolling.


Emergency Repairs

It’s not something we plan.  Nobody wants to think about an emergency break down, but when it happens – who do you call?  Let Fisher Enterprises come to the rescue – our trained staff are on call, and equipped to handle even the most dreaded road emergencies.  Flat tire?  Broken headlight?  Battery failure?  Fluid leak?  We get you back on the road, and fast.  Our 24/7 emergency road service can offer peace of mind and help make your roadside experience a little more manageable.


Fast Service

Fisher Enterprises is on call 24/7

Stay on the Road

We keep you on the road. Safe, working, dependable.

Peace of Mind

Your truck is kept in the best possible working condition

Service Area

Convenient range covering Southeastern PA and beyond



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