Fisher Enterprises was founded in 1995 on a small plot of ground in Bucks County Pennsylvania.  From the well-traveled highways of the Lehigh Valley, you would hardly recognize the company today at first glance, if you were to compare then and now.  As the company owners would attest, the original core values and service offerings that brought the first generation of success has not changed – that same vision is still in full motion.  Built on a solid foundation of customer service, confidence, good business, and doing things right, Fisher Enterprises has undergone many phases of growth over the years, demonstrating leadership in the industry, establishing a strong foundation, and building a solid future.  Over the decades, perseverance and success paved way to larger, improved facilities to house equipment upgrades and staff required for operations.  New expansions and additional offerings have occurred naturally over time in business.

The legacy of successful 24/7 road service management and on-site emergency repair continues today.

The rising commercial trucking industry creates the need for urgent, emergency road service. To fulfill this purpose, Fisher Enterprises was born. The owners of Fisher Enterprises are truly in touch with their customer base, and this is demonstrated by consistent, reliable service. To further connect with it’s customers, the commercial trucking industry, and the general public, we hope that this website can be a beneficial means to communicate, reach out and offer the best service possible. Fisher Enterprises – your best choice for 24/7 road service and on-site repair!

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Convenient range covering Southeastern PA and beyond

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Your truck is kept in the best possible working condition

Stay on the Road

We keep you on the road. Safe, working, dependable.

Fast, Convenient Service

Fisher Enterprises is on call 24/7



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